How to determine the amounts needed to fund your goals

There are so many people who wanted to do something new in their lives but believed they didn’t have the funds for it. You can have a great concept, a business plan or investment idea, but not enough money to pursue it. Most of those ideas just disappear after …


Dividend is a payment that receives the owner of some types of stocks from the issuer of these stocks. Actually, it is a share of the after-tax profit of the company, distributed proportionally to the number of shares between share owners.

Dividend is a payment that receives the holder of …


Bonds are debt securities that represents loans made by:

  • companies (named as corporate bonds),
  • states and municipalities (named as municipal bonds),
  • nations (named as sovereign bonds).

Bond is a piece of a massive loan which borrows money from more than one source because of its amount.

Some common features of …