A personal story in numbers

Why do you need a personal finance tool?

At a first glance, personal finances seem to be easy and well understood. People go to work every day, get paychecks every week or month, and have regular expenses on housing, food, clothes, vacations, etc. But, why so many people are unhappy about their work and their life, and still do nothing about it? We think that they are too ignorant about their financial affairs and too afraid to break the brittle balance of financial in/out flows.

Being informed is the way to break the routine and to follow your passion. We know this because we have spent last three years switching from the huge company to the small startup, getting the 6-month Machine Learning degree online, travelling in U.S. and Europe and finally ending with an idea to create our own company, just because we had the Excel spreadsheet that allowed us to estimate risks and opportunities.

Here is the small story that is partially about us, but mostly about other people:

The story might inspire you to think about your life and decisions you make.

Olga Slipchenko