An expat family expenses

Family’s expenses are complex, like in every family, especially if the couple has children.

Some families try to analyze every expense, even on which items they spend money. They can see how much money they spend on milk or candies ;), or separate spending for every family member.

John’s family just tries to see the main sources of their expenses because it is easier.

The structure of expenses for this expat family consists of:


John and Marie rent a large apartment in the suburb of Paris, France. In addition to necessary rent and electricity payments, they pay also for the apartment insurance and Internet:

An expat family expenses for apartment


John, like every car owner, spends some money on fuel, car insurance, parking, etc.:

An expat family expenses for auto

Also, John pays for the loan because he bought his new car on credit:

An expat family expenses for auto loans


John and Marie spend on food about 1000 USD (equivalent in EUR) per month, including visits to restaurants and cafeterias like most French people do:

An expat family expenses for food

There is a lot of different expenses that can be marked like the Food expense – some families prefer to differentiate markets and shops by names (or brands) or to separate visits to restaurants with family from meetings with friends in restaurants or cafeterias or work lunches.

An expat family expenses for food in transactions


Like every family or single person, this family spends some amounts every month on clothes, household items, etc.:

An expat family expenses for shopping


Sometimes every family pays for services like personal care, doctor visits, post office services, printing, etc. Some of these expenses are paid regularly, others occasionally:

An expat family expenses for services

Fees & Charges

Bank accounts operations induce some fees and charges like monthly fees, payment fees, etc.:

An expat family expenses for fees and charges

Kids and parents

John and Marie every month give some “pocket money” to their children:

  • to Zak - 50 EUR monthly (excluding summer) and 200 USD monthly in summer

  • to Katy – 75 EUR per month, payments are created quarterly.

Also, sometimes, John and Marie send money to their parents:

An expat family expenses for kids


In 2016, Katy decided to study in one university in London, UK. To fulfill daughter's dream of education in London, John and Marie on July 2016:

  • took a loan for education in BNP Paribas bank, France
  • opened an account in Barclays bank, London, UK
  • rented a room in the university hostel for Katy in London, UK

To support Katy’s study, John and Marie pay all rental payments, including Internet, in London and for flights to and from London every year. Also, they started to send “support money” for Katy to Barclays bank account every quarter.


John and Marie like to travel, so they spend substantial money on travelling every year. They prefer to travel to different countries, but they should visit John’s parents in USA. Maria’s parents live in France, not far from Paris, so the family can visit them often on week-ends.

During the summer 2016, Zak has lived with his American grand-parents in USA. Other family’s members have joined him in USA in August 2016 and all the family returned to France before Katy’s leaving for studding in London.

To celebrate Christmas 2016, John, Marie and Zak have visited Katy in London.

In July 2017, all family traveled to Spain, they visited different cities.

An expat family expenses for travel


First, every citizen should pay taxes. This family pays taxes in France:

An expat family expense for taxes

The structure of expenses of this family is complex, but it is simpler then can be.

Olga Slipchenko