An expat family's accounts

The family has accounts in different banks and even countries:

  • John and Marie have a family current account in France, that was opened in BNP Paribas bank. This package includes debit cards for every family member. Some time ago, John and Marie opened Livret accounts for saving money (deposit accounts in France).

  • John has a checking account in Citibank, USA, for his business and he opened a debit card for Zak in Citibank too. Zak every summer visits his American grand-parents, and the family puts some money on this card for these trips.

  • The family has some cash in EUR.

  • Additionally, John took a loan to buy a car in BNP Paribas and he pays regular monthly payments.

An expat family accounts

However, John and Marie do not track transactions in a precise manner, e.g. they do not try to be exact about:

  • spending from children's accounts
  • who really spent money (e.g., when son pays for something for the family using money that Marie gave him - that is tracked as Marie's cash spending).


Olga Slipchenko