An expat family's income

Family income consists of John’s and Marie’s salaries like for many other families.

Sure, a lot of families receive some other income like dividends, interests, cash back, bonuses, refunds, etc. This family also received some income in form of interests and refunds.

The feature of this family is …

An expat family expenses

Family’s expenses are complex, like in every family, especially if the couple has children.

Some families try to analyze every expense, even on which items they spend money. They can see how much money they spend on milk or candies ;), or separate spending for every family member.

John’s …

An expat family's challenges

To analyze family’s income and expenses, we need to see how they change over the time. Thus, we need to collect data first. Don’t worry if you don’t have historical data, you can start collecting data anytime. Even after one month we will have enough data to …