Balance Currency

The application allows to see balances in different currencies. You can choose the Balance currency for reports. Also, it will be the default currency when you open a new account.

Anytime you can change the Balance currency, but be careful, all reports will use the new Balance currency.

E.g., you can see your balance and income/expenses in USD (United States Dollar):

Overview reports in USD

To change the Balance currency, follow next steps:

  1. Click on the Menu button: Menu
  2. On the Menu tab, click the Settings item: Settings item
  3. In the Settings dialog, select the Accounts page: Accounts page in the Settings dialog
  4. In the Balance currency field, enter or choose the currency you prefer.

    Enter some symbols of the currency name to see the auto-complete list:

    Currencies search in the Settings dialog
  5. Click the Done button.

The application automatically updates your dashboards:

Overview reports in EUR