An expat family's income

Family income consists of John’s and Marie’s salaries like for many other families.

Sure, a lot of families receive some other income like dividends, interests, cash back, bonuses, refunds, etc. This family also received some income in form of interests and refunds.

The feature of this family is that John receives salary from two sources in France and USA:

  1. John receives some regular payments about 2000$ per month to his Citi bank account

  2. Temporarily John works in Paris and receives a salary to BNP Paribas family account of 3579.94€ per month

  3. Marie works in a French company, which pays her a salary to BNP Paribas family account of 2387.17€ per month.

An expat family income transactions

In April, John and Marie received different amounts – salary plus annual bonus.

So, the income of this family consists of:

  • paychecks

  • annual bonuses

  • windfall income like refunds or reimbursements (rarely).

An expat family income

Olga Slipchenko