Create a Buy transaction

To create a new Buy transaction, follow next steps:

  1. Click on the Investments tab: Investments tab
  2. Click the Buy button in the bottom of the page: Buy button in the Investments tab
  3. In the New Buy dialog, fill the fields: Buy transaction dialog
    • Amount is the amount that you spent on buying securities.

      The currency of the amount will be the same as the currency of the From Account.

    • Date is, by default, a current date, but you can change it by entering the date in your local date format or selecting the date from the drop-down calendar: Buy transaction calendar
    • From Account* is the account from which you spent money.

      You can enter some digits or symbols to use the auto-complete list:

      Buy transaction From Account
    • Buy is the security you bought.

      You can enter some digits or symbols to use the auto-complete list:

      Buy transaction security

      This list is populated by securities of your investment portfolio. You can add a new security to see it in this list, modify any security or even remove it. See also how to work with sold out security.

    • Shares contain the quantity of securities you bought.

      You can also enter fractional quantity for bonds, share contribution, etc.:

      Buy transaction shares

      The quantity is needed for calculation of Gain and Loss.

    • Price* of the securities you bought per 1 share in the currency of the security: Buy transaction price

      This price is needed for calculation of Gain/Loss and for Cost reports (see Investments pie charts).

    • Tags (Enter a Tag) is an optional field for the transaction.

      You can enter one or several tags in the Tags field, or select any of previously used tags from the auto-complete list. If the tag doesn’t exist and you enter a new one, it will be added to your tags list automatically after typing it and clicking Enter:

      Buy transaction tags
    • Description is an optional information for the transaction. Buy transaction description
  4. Click the Create button to save the current Buy transaction and close the dialog.

* Note: Be careful, the currency for Security and for the From Account can be different.

For example, if you bought securities in USD from the account in EUR:

Buy transaction USD and EUR

In the portfolio, you can see the amount in the Balance Currency, here is USD – 11,615.90 USD.

In the Buy transaction, you can see: